Do you know of a media manager that shows video stream info in a list for each file?

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FooSchmoo Offline
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Do you know of a media manager (or any program) that will show me a pretty list of my video files along with the stream details (like video codec, audio codec, resolution, etc.)?

I'm mostly working with home movies and misc. stuff, so scraping movie/tv show info isn't necessary.
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If you use a Mac, ViMediaManager does so. Some stream information in shown in the media list, more in the main display when you select a media item. The most detail is shown when you open the Edit Metadata window.

ViMM scans/probes the file for the codec/stream info when it edits/writes the NFO file. You can do that in a batch just by telling it to fetch metadata.

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Thanks Glorious, unfortunately I need a Windows app. Haven't found one yet...
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nickr Online
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Pretty sure there is a version of mediainfo for windows.

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G-Spot can identify this information but not for a group of files.
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