[XBMCbuntu] How to create a 'guest' account for using SFTP?
I was wondering if someone could help me with the setup of a 'guest' account to connect to my media center using SFTP.

During the install of XBMCbuntu I provided an username and password, which I use now in Filezilla to connect on port 22. Once connected I can see my movies, etc. folders and all other kinds of folders such as /.xbmc etc. and I don't want others to see or access these 'special' folders. I want to create an account called Guest, which can be used to connect with Fillezilla on port 22 using SFTP, but this account only should have access to one folder called 'Shared'. So I can copy movies and other data in this folder, and other people could log in with a Guest-account, using SFTP, so they could download the movies from that 'Share'-folder.

Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance!
google "ubuntu add user account"

e.g.: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/ad...tu-server/
Thank you, for the reply!
I've added a guest account successfully, I now can connect with this account to my xbmcbuntu using sftp. Now I want to set the permissions so that nobody but my account (account created during install) has access to every folder. The Guest account can only have access to it's home folder.

I've already used this line, which states that only my account can access my home folder:
chmod o-rwx “$HOME”

This seems to work, then I found this line which should set that nobody but my account has write permissions on other folders:

chmod –R o-rwx ~

This doesn't seem to work for 100%, anyone has any idea what this last line states for?

both mean the same thing ~ is an alias for $HOME. The only difference is that chmod -R means recursively change all files and dirs permissions below.

Why do you think is doesn't seem to work?
Thanks for the head's up!

This line (chmod –R o-rwx ~) works on my home directory: only my account can open the home-folder of my account while connected by sftp.

But if I connect with sftp using the Guest account, this account can open the \media, \etc, \bin, ... folder. So i'm looking for a way to set the same permissions on every folder as I did for my home directory: only my account can access every folder, the Guest account can only access it's home folder.
well that depends on the permissions set on those directories.

its common practice for some dirs to have "world/any" read permissions.
If you want to remove those, just issue the same command as above, but don't mess with system directories as /etc, /bin. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, you can break stuff.

sudo chmod –R o-rwx /media
I've tried the chmod -R o-rwx /media, and this seems to work but now XMBCbuntu can't find my movies. So is there any way I can modify this line so my account and XBMCbuntu has access to this folder? Smile
make sure that /media and everything below is owned by the user Xbmc runs as.
Some tips.
Run the command "ls -la" in a directory. You will see that each dir and file has an owner and a group
The first user you see for each line is the owner and the second is the group.
File access permissions are written something like drwxr-xr-x
There are 10 letters here
ignore the first
letters 2-4 show permissions for owner
letters 5-7 show permissions for the group
letters 8-10 show permission for anon

you can use the command "chown" to change the owner of a file or directory
and the command "chgrp" to change the group of a file or directory
(You prob already know you sometimes need to "sudo" these commands)
You can read more here http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/filepermissions.html

It sounds like what you want to do is change the anon permissions for the files/directories but leave them owned by xbmc user owner permissions alone.
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