Centralized Actor Thumbnails

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Hello all,

First let me start with an appreciation tout of this project. Every day I use it I am more in love with it.

Like many, I have multiple front end XMBC units and have recently moved to a centralized mySQL setup on a NAS. My suggestion, however, is equally relevant to single instances...

I've looked for information on the changes in Frodo and if I've missed it please redirect me, however it seems actor thumbnails will still be located in an .actor folder on each particular movie. Is this something we can possibly address and centralize so that we don't have multiple copies of the same actor(s)?

Most of my library is managed with Media Center Manager (WinTel) and it creates a central repository for all actor thumbs. I'd love to be able to reference these files on a video basis.


After further research and testing, actor thumbnails are also treated in the new caching manner, which is terrific. Can we please then consider (perhaps in the advanced settings xml file) the ability to check a local repository for a named actor thumb prior to pulling from the internet? If we have to resort to a naming convention in that repository that seems a small price to pay.

Many thanks to all involved.
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I too run Media Center Manager and have recently been playing with the cast/crew thumbnail features and would like to second the “feature” request of centralizing this information.

MCM does a great job of putting this info into a single folder so as to reduce (eliminate) duplication throughout the file structure.

Please consider this, every gig counts.
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