[RELEASE] Movie Set Artwork Automator

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Thanx for the hints.
I finally had success by using one folder for all movieset files and resetting the filenames in MSAA to default..
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The central option is the way to go in my opinion, but everyone to there own. Wink
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(2017-07-22 00:16)vbat99 Wrote:  If you have the collection artwork in the collection folder, then it should be named poster.jpg and fanart.jpg
Taken Collection (folder)
----Taken 1 (folder)
----Taken 2 (folder)
----Taken 3 (folder)

But, if you use a central movieset folder (collection folder), should be named

This is the easiest way to ensue this works.

So here's my question for anyone who can help: Is there a way, if all artwork is in the individual set folders, to have it look for both of the above? Both logo.png and/or <moviesettitle>-logo.png? I just consolidated and tried to clean things up in my folder structure and didn't consider the different naming structures based on location (DOH!). Will I have to go through and find each and every movie set folder and rename each and every artwork, or can I get the script to consider both? Or even the Central Folder naming if in individual folders? [PleaseSayYes PleaseSayYes PleaseSayYes].
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