Win Advanced Launcher Game Launching Help Needed
I have an unusual setup with my XBMC and am running into a problem with it. I have a Gateway DX4300 with Windows 7 Ultimate and am using the onboard ATI Radeon 3200 graphics and XBMC 11. I have a monitor on the VGA port and XBMC in fullscreen windowed mode to my tv via HDMI. Using the Advanced Launcher feature I've managed to get my games imported into XBMC but when I go to launch them it launches on my monitor instead of my tv and when they're closed the XBMC has transferred over to the monitor forcing me to go all the way back to the settings and reset the display to Fullscreen #2. I have tried all of the options I can find to remedy the situation (forcing the games to run with XBMC fullscreen on and off was the only XBMC options I could find that may be related) and all the windows monitor options. Windows has my monitor listed as display 2 and my tv as display 1 but I cannot change them. Is there some way to force the games to run on the same screen as the XBMC that I am missing? Thanks in advance for helping.
The display number of the screens in Windows is arbitrary (I run 9 off 3 graphics cards and they're just for identification purposes really), what matters is which display you have set as primary display.

My guess (though I might be wrong) is that your monitor is set as primary display and hence when a program is run in full screen as the games are (is XBMC windowed?) they will launch on that, if you change your tv to be your primary display they will be launched on that instead.

Else if your TV is set as your primary display I'm really not quite sure what to do.

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Advanced Launcher Game Launching Help Needed0
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