RomCollectionBrowser - AutoLaunching Games
I have Frodo 12.0 installed on XBMCbuntu (latest version uses Lubuntu 12.04). ROMCollectionbrowser 2.0.0 installed.

I have all my games (NES & SNES only) imported, everything running great. I am using Higan v092, Byuu's emulator (see

Whenever I exit out of a game, it automatically starts it back up again. Or the RomCollectionBrowser add-on will crash altogether. The crash is very rare, and I was unable to duplicate for the purpose of this post.

I enabled logging, and the pertinent part of the log can be found here at pastebin. As you can see from the logs, the game launches repeatedly when I try to exit.

From my limited knowledge, I think the key line is this, which shows up after the first time I try to exit the emulator:

16:12:34 T:2867854144   ERROR: EXCEPTION: Unimplemented method: executehttpapi::executehttpapi(...)

After some googling, it suggested video issues with Frodo. I changed my vid driver from the frglx-updates (I have an ATI card) to the open source X.Org driver. This FIXED the issue, the games no longer automatically restart when I exit them.

For me, this fix is enough b/c this is a dedicated emulator PC used for nothing else. I just thought I would share so you guys can fix this, or others who are having the problem can maybe use this information.

EDIT: After some further testing, I made an important discovery. When XBMCbuntu is installed, you can boot either directly into XBMC (default) or you can boot into XBMCbuntu, which is really just a stripped down Lubuntu. What I have found is that when booting directly into XBMC, choosing RomCollectionBrowser, and launching a game. Every single keypress I do during the game, is sent in the background to XBMC. So depending on my first keypress, it may re-launch the game, or exit RomCollectionBrowser. Generally what happens is XBMC is completely frozen for a long period of time while it processes the hundreds of keypresses I made during whatever game I was playing.

Hope this make sense, and one of the RomCollectionBrower devs see this.

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