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Official iPhone App Doesn't Appear to Work
I have XBMC v11 installed on my AppleTV1 via Crystalbuntu. Everything is working great on it. I looked up that there is an official iPhone app. Sweet. I downloaded it on to my iPhone 4S. I tapped 'Find XBMC' Auto found! Sweet! Added un/pw. But it won't connect. Using a packet sniffer on the ATV here is what I see:

T -> [A]
POST /jsonrpc HTTP/1.1.
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate.
Content-Type: application/json.
Accept-Language: en-us.
Content-Length: 115.
Accept: */*.
Connection: keep-alive.
User-Agent: DSJSONRPC/1.0.

T -> [AP]

This prints over and over with a varying "id" value. It seems that XBMC is not responding to requests it is receiving from the remote. The web remote (http://xbmc.local:8080) works just fine.

What should I look at to find out why the app remote will not work? I tried several other iPhone apps for controlling XBMC and they all give the same behavior.

TIA, -Matthew

Official iPhone App Doesn't Appear to Work00