DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
(2014-03-24, 15:22)steelman1991 Wrote:
(2014-03-24, 11:26)StinDaWg Wrote: I'd like to add my hat into the whole "madVR is a must have feature". I watch a lot of 720p content, and nnedi luma doubling is absolutely amazing. I couldn't go back to anything else.


I used to use ffdshow raw, but once I got a graphics card that could handle all of madVRs functions, I have no use for ffdshow now as madVR does everything better.

You guys and your comparison shots lol. How much of Mario do you watch on your HTPC?, give a 'real' (movie or TV Show) comparison shot and let us see this 'absolutely amazing' difference it makes. IMHO it makes little difference to 'normal' viewing - upscaling 720p and that's on a 65" plasma and 120" screen.

We agree on a lot StinDaWg, but this is one where we are at polar opposites lol.
Have you actually used nnedi image doubling? I don't say things lightly, but nnedi gives the most noticeable picture quality improvement out of all the things madVR can do. Razor sharp upscaling, no ringing or aliasing. It's the only algorithm that can upscale text/diagonal edges without aliasing. It gives the appearance of using a sharpening filter without any of the side effects.

Jinc3 vs. nnedi3
Image Image
Image Image
Screenshots source: this futuremark thread.

madshi explanation with more comparisons...

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