DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
(2015-03-25, 10:24)madshi Wrote: Thanks a lot to aracnoz for his work! Big Grin

Some comments:

1) I've no idea why image quality would be different when comparing dsplayer and MPC-HC, it should be identical. I think some more tests need to be done there. Maybe you guys could try some test pattern videos and make screenshots and compare them? It could be as simple as the video levels output option (0-255 vs 16-235), or it could be something completely different. If you notice differences in sharpness, maybe the scaling algorithms are not properly set? The next madVR build will show in the debug OSD (Ctrl+J) which exact scaling algorithms are being used. You could also compare what the debug OSD (Ctrl+J) says right now. Is there any obvious difference between dsplayer and MPC-HC? E.g. different source or target rects or something?

2) XBMC GUI is expected to be more sluggish when using madVR. The reason for this is that madVR renders many video frames in advance and sends them to Direct3D. The purpose of this is that Direct3D has enough information to continue video playback even if the CPU/GPU gets extra busy and doesn't allow madVR to render something for a short period. E.g. imagine anti-virus software suddenly comes on and takes the whole CPU busy for 200ms. Due to the way madVR already sends multiple video frames to Direct3D in advance, this is not a problem. Movie playback will stay totally fluid. The negative side effect of this functionality is that madVR can't update frames which were already sent to Direct3D. As a result, if XBMC tries to show its GUI, it takes several frames until the GUI becomes visible, because Direct3D still has to display all the other frames first, which were already pre-rendered by madVR.

Ok, so much about the technical explanation. Now you can influence the XBMC GUI lag by modifying the madVR settings. Specifically you can modify the setting "how many video frames shall be presented in advance" this will have a direct effect on the GUI lag. Decrease this setting to reduce the GUI lag. But if you decrease this setting, you also decrease the protection against stuttering if the CPU/GPU gets busy for a short period (see above).

3) Those crashes, are they in madVR or in XBMC? When madVR crashes, you should get a madExcept crash report box, where you can see details of the crash and you can send/email it to me. If XBMC crashes, I don't know how that will look.

FWIW, there will be a new madVR release very soon with several bugfixes and some stability improvements.

Thanks for your help Madshi on making this happen....happy days!
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