DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
(2015-03-29, 23:13)vicmanpergar Wrote:
(2015-03-29, 23:06)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-03-29, 22:53)vicmanpergar Wrote: @aracnoz

thanks for the build, I will try it.... The refresh rate is correct for me here, but i have to check which method i have, or if i have both.


Lol... well, i was ONE of the guys thinking it would never happen (it really seemed so, after several times it was tried and abandoned). And i'm very happy i was wrong.

Btw, i have Jinc3+AR (had nneid3 and it was perfect but HTPC became noisy), i have 0 dropped frames, but i do have repeated frames.... Anyone knows how to interpret this? should i care? Are they important?
The video looks smooth.

The repeated frames sound odd. But if your eyes say everything is fine, I wouldn't worry about.

Does this happen while navigating or stopping or starting the movie? Because this is normal. The counters for presentation glitches and dropped frames should not increase during continuous playback and the rendering queue must remain below 41 ms at all times.

It does.... I press Ctlr+J and after 5 mins, Ctrl+R , then after 10 mins or so, i check it again (Ctrl+J).... Everything is as it should be, except it says there's a repeated frame each 2 mins or so... Presentation Glitches, dropped frames, are all at zero. The rendering was 36 ms when doing it with NNEID3, and around 20 ms now with Jinc3....
But, to my eyes, it looks ok... It just fucks my mind not knowing what's the meaning, hahaha

You could try using ReClock to correct the occasional repeated frames. I've been told this issue has something to do with multiple clocks in your computer not syncing perfectly with each other. ReClock can improve or eliminate this. This is normal, though.

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