DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
(2015-03-31, 05:46)oldpoem Wrote: Some tips I want to share. it works on my main htpc system (i3,gt630) not sure about others.

Most problems I had went away with mainly few changes in MadVR settings.

Enable "delay playback start until render queue is full" because it intrerferes with Kodi auto adjust refresh rate. So if I left it as default (unchecked) it will have all sorts of hiccups at start of media files. File will play most likely in blackscreen with sound only, kodi paused to do the refresh rate change and continue and sometimes no pictures coming back (rarely). Enable this eliminates all these issues on my system. In expense of longer start playback time.

In Exclusive mode settings. change how shall gpu flushed for "after copy to backbuffer" & "after D3D presentation" from don't flush to flush.

It may works or might not works on diffrent systems though.

thx for the suggestion, enable "delay playback start until render queue is full" seems work fine to me too, if it's working for all of us i will add the option in dsplayer's menu

i made some other test on this, this it's another exe, pls let me know how it works with all configuration...

refresh change only by kodi,
refresh change only by madvr,
refresh change by kodi and madvr


unfortunately while paused it's possible that the GPU push a little more, i tryed to do something but then occurs some flickering
we have to wait the next versions of madVR, because madshi has told me that he would make that madvr draw frames even while pause, and this solve the problem

I forced the stop when you return to the kodi's main menu while playback so as not to have a freeze... i will try to investigate later

I would like to add a few details on the "use fullscreen windows rather than true fullscreen"

you need to consider kodi and madVR as two different applications each with it's own window

even if you want to use madVR without the exclusive mode you can not activate the exclusive mode of kodi because when we start a movie if kodi is in exclusive mode does not allow to display the madVR's window, because it's exclusive mode, you can see only what belongs to the kodi's window

when we launch a movie with madVR we no longer see the kodi's window but a new window that is created by madVR, the entire gui of kodi is displayed in the madVR's window, so we are no longer viewing kodi but only madVR

to run that option, for every play I should get out kodi from exclusive mode and then render madVR, but there would be thousand of resolutions changed for every play and every stop, resulting in long delays in execution and maybe some crash...


with madvr 0.87.15 there may be a small problem with multimonitor configurations, it's not related to dsplayer, you have to check in madvr's stats if "display" match the real refresh that you have set

if there is some problem, you have to create an empty folder where madvr it's installed with one of this two name


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