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XBMC crashes after 6.4secs
I am running latest NextPVR with R2 patches. Freshly installed with Aver media USB tuner on Win7 Acer Revo. Had a few problems initially but opening the firewall and and reloading the channels a few times got me there. Local machine works beautifully playing and recording but my Android tablet crashes after 6.4 secs and xbmc closes. I checked the TV buffer and there are loads of files 6.4secs long.
But then yesterday I rebooted everything and it worked great. I watched a few channels for nearly an hour with no problem. I set a recording which was successful but when I attempted to play it the 6.4sec bug is back. Even after rebooting tablet still no joy. Anyone have any ideas because I nearly have the perfect setup.

XBMC crashes after 6.4secs11