attactv video plugin for ATTAC TV
Hi everybody,

I've made a video plugin called attactv to watch the videos from the ATTAC TV web site.

ATTAC is an international organization involved in the alter-globalization movement. They oppose neo-liberal globalization and develop social, ecological, and democratic alternatives so as to guarantee fundamental rights for all. Specifically, they fight for the regulation of financial markets, the closure of tax havens, the introduction of global taxes to finance global public goods, the cancellation of the debt of developing countries, fair trade, and the implementation of limits to free trade and capital flows. (source:

The ATTAC TV web site offers the videos and documentaries selected and produced by ATTAC organization in four languages: Spanish, English, French and German, so this plugin allows you to select the preferred language to watch the contents produced on each one from the add-on settings menu. Depending of the language selected, the plugin will show a different video catalogue according to the one provided by the web site. If your GUI default language is one of the available, then the plugin will take it as default language for the videos.

Those videos are hosted on different streaming providers, as Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, BlipTV, KontextTV, etc... so this plugin depends on three of The Collective video plugins to watch the videos provided by Youtube, Vimeo, and BlipTV (by the way, a thousand of thanks to The Collective for those wonderful plugins). As the attactv plugin requires of those plugins from the official repositories, if some of them is not yet installed at installation time, it will be installed automatically, so don't worry about that. The only thing you should do perhaps would be to configure your preferences on each plugin before using them for first time, and most probably to configure the language subtitles on the Youtube one to see the subtitles on some of the videos, if they are available and not burned in.

This is the first release of the plugin. Even so it tries to support all the video sources provided by the four languages catalogue (they are still a few of them not yet supported, but I hope to make it support the most as possible along the time).

For anyone interested in use the plugin, it can be directly downloadable and installable from here This plugin can run on Eden as well as Frodo releases as is (installed following the standard way for any other zip file plugin), although I plan soon to keep separated branches for each XBMC version and pull them to the official repos.

Although I've been testing and enhancing the plugin during weeks before to post it on the forum, I would like to receive some feedback from different platforms before let it available on the official repos. In the mean time, you can download it directly from the link above. This link will not change along the bug fixes, and can be use to get the latest release until the plugin is finally uploaded to the official repositories.

Any comments, suggestions of improvement, and issue notifications would be very welcome. Please use this forum thread for that, and I'll try to reply as soon as I can.

If you find any problem and wants to let me know it, please activate the debug logs from the Add-on settings, and post it on this forum thread using a pastebin link.

This thread will be used to provide the official plugin support as well.

Enjoy it!

The ATTAC TV plugin is already available from the official XBMC repositories, for both Eden and Frodo releases (please, don't use the download link of the original post anymore, as it will be outdated very soon in future releases).

During this time, I've been improving the plugin to reproduce almost all the videos (only three spanish videos provided by the national web channels could not be reproduced yet). Those included the videos located at DailyMotion, but recently the web servers at Dailymotion have changed the web internals (it's something that just happened a day or two ago), so I have still some work to get reproduce the DailyMotion videos again (we are talking of a very few of them).

Please, don't forget to configure the subtitles language on the Youtube plugin, if you want to read them on some Youtube videos with the subtitles not burned in.

If you find any problem with this plugin running on any platform or with any video playing, please activate the debug log into the add-on settings, and post them on this thread using a pastebin link (or the sort) with a brief explanation of the problem. I'll try to solve it if possible when I have some spare, and provide a new release of the plugin if necessary.

Enjoy it!


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