Jynxbox android HD xbmc upgrade
I'm a very newbie to XMBC. Just download xbmc on my window pc and I'm playing with it.
I've just ordered a Jynxbox android hd. It will come in a few days. If the xbmc version in
the box is old and I like up upgrade to the newest version. What should I do?

1) Do I need to do a factory reset?
2) Do I need to uninstall the xbmc in the box first before I load the newest xbmc?
3)Can I just go ahead to install newest version of xbmc and it will overlap the old one?

I did go over some threads about "jynxbox android hd" but it's hard to understand.
I wonder if someone can give me a clear instruction how to do this?

1. Probably not, but various hardware venders of Android products might have total firmware/OS updates in addition to XBMC updates that are worth installing.
2. Nope. XBMC, like most Android apps, can just be installed on top of older versions. There might be exceptions like for special test builds, but normally you just upgrade and go.
3. Same as 2

Best thing to do is go to the manufacturer's website and check their install instructions. They might also have a specific build of XBMC that you need to use in order for hardware video decoding to work correctly on your box, as the generic XBMC for Android build currently does not have hardware video decoding enabled for any hardware.
(2013-02-08, 09:03)curtqn Wrote: Hi:
If the xbmc version in
the box is old and I like up upgrade to the newest version. What should I do?
The build included is a modified vanilla XBMC from what I've been able to figure out on mine. In order to upgrade XBMC you should be able to "just install" a newer version over the top as Ned Scott pointed out. If the install fails, you'll need to uninstall and then re-install XBMC. One thing to note: if you uninstall an android app it will delete your XBMC data. You'll want to backup the sdcard/data/org.xbmc.xbmc directory if you have anything setup just in case you need to do the uninstall first.

You will also want to check for any os/firmware updates using their update tool before doing any setup beyond wifi/ethernet. They release a firmware on 20130205 that may or may not be pre-installed. The update they run is likely going to wipe your box back to a generally fresh state so you'll want to make sure you do this early and/or run a backup of your apps and setup before running the firmware update.

Thank for your responses. This is my first android box so just a little confused.
How do I uninstall the old version of xbmc in the "jynxbox android hd"?
All Apps -> Settings -> Apps -> XBMC -> Uninstall

The JynxBox HD is a normal android device and most of the standard android procedures will work on it.
hi, can soomone help me,i am trying to install apps on my jynxbox hd,also trying to do a custom built xaf player, but on luck
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