[Build/Patch] Frodo + external audio tracks support
I have uploaded a windows build of my Frodo branch that allows the use of external audio tracks: dropbox

This build also includes
  • piehs improvements to external subtitle name and language recognition
  • improvements to the representation of tracks in the audio selection dialogue (language and name)

The sources can be found at: Ext_Frodo (pieh's PR: 1365)

Linux users are welcome to clone this repo and compile this branch.

To have full control over the combination of audio tracks and subtitles have a look at my addon: Language Preference Manager (LPM)

From pieh PR Wrote:Here's example of how lang/name extraction is currently performing using my test case:
Util::ScanForExternalSubtitles: Searching for subtitles...
CUtil::ScanForExternalSubtitles: found subtitle file smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.Closed-caption.txt
CUtil::ScanForExternalSubtitles: found subtitle file smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.directors-comments-en.txt
CUtil::ScanForExternalSubtitles: found subtitle file smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.en.name_stuff.txt
CUtil::ScanForExternalSubtitles: found subtitle file smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.it.txt
CUtil::ScanForExternalSubtitles: found subtitle file smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.some_name.txt
CUtil::ScanForExternalSubtitles: found subtitle file smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.Spanish.txt
CUtil::ScanForExternalSubtitles: found subtitle file smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.txt
CUtil::ScanForExternalSubtitles: END (total time: 18 ms)
CUtil::GetExternalStreamNameAndLangFromFilename - Language = 'cc' / Name = 'Closed Caption' from smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.Closed-caption.txt
CUtil::GetExternalStreamNameAndLangFromFilename - Language = 'en' / Name = 'directors-comments' from smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.directors-comments-en.txt
CUtil::GetExternalStreamNameAndLangFromFilename - Language = 'en' / Name = 'name_stuff' from smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.en.name_stuff.txt
CUtil::GetExternalStreamNameAndLangFromFilename - Language = 'it' / Name = 'Italiano' from smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.it.txt
CUtil::GetExternalStreamNameAndLangFromFilename - Language = '' / Name = 'some_name' from smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.some_name.txt
CUtil::GetExternalStreamNameAndLangFromFilename - Language = 'es' / Name = 'Espanol' from smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.Spanish.txt
CUtil::GetExternalStreamNameAndLangFromFilename - Language = '' / Name = 'The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.txt' from smb://KOMPUS/Videos/Dummy/The.Dummy.Video.720p.X264.txt
Is this patch support also external audio track in dvd and bluray?
Closing in on the feature freeze for Gotham, any chance this will make it in?
No, but it's the first thing I will try to get in after the release.
Hi. Sorry to bump this old thread. Did you have a gotham build of this patch or it's not ready for gotham?
This patch works also with bluray disk in this state?
Thanks in advance...
Hello everyone...and sorry too for bumping this old topic.

I've been looking about external audio track support and this is the closest topic I've found.

I've read that this feature could be implemented in Kodi but I don't have read anything about it.

Any news about it? Is it going to be implemented in Kodi final?

Thank you and congratulations for your great software Smile
Any news in that?
I can find many posts asking for that feature
Thx for you reply.
I found your pull on github (and part II and III of it), as I am not a coder I don't understand much. The last comment by you was in january with a "closed" following ( https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/6104 ).

Keep on! Smile
I'm sorry you've had so much difficulty getting this into Kodi.
Are you planning to have that feature in Isengard?
This feature wont make into isengard and since there are no Pull requests for it now and since the previous Pull requests were closed, I would hazard a guess this wont be supported in kodi for quite some time due to implementation complexity. But that is my opinion only and could be a wrong one at that, thought I dont think so.

Not even a clew if it would be possible to make it into a binary addon of some sort..
(2015-05-04, 17:35)uNiversal Wrote: This feature wont make into isengard ...

Yes, but it's the next item on my round-robin to-do list.
So it will be integrated into Jarvis? Big Grin
Not before the new video player (http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=240) is finished.

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[Build/Patch] Frodo + external audio tracks support1
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