MySQL Frodo and music library.
@bruce7373 in my setup the original script didn't work, so I changed all the instances from MyISAM to InnoDB and it ran fine with no errors.

I have the same kind of issue.
I created the file advancedsettings.xml with the following content

then for movides I went to videos => film => setcontent
as explained on the following video

everything went fine for movies and my sql database is filled with my movies (I can just copy the advancedsettings.xml from my PC to my minix and everything went fine)

now I try to do the same for music but I do not succeed to fill my database , while xbnmc_music46 table exists..

what should I do?
I want to share the sql data with movies and music to all my devices..

note that I am using a Synolgy NAS and that I shared two different directories, one for music and one for movies, is it the issue? should both be shared under the same top folder?

I looked at other topic ( for isntance) and my db contains the albumview/artistview...

note that I am using version 'music46'

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MySQL Frodo and music library.00