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I am using mk808 for the second week now. Is is very good device. Last week I was mainly trying to establish torrent server (mounting external 2 TB hard drive), Samba server and so on. But yesterday, when I installed XBMC, I realized that probably I won't need torrent and samba anymore. With 1channel, netflix (and others) I don't need torrents anymore.
The only problem is that I am not native english speaker (as you probably realized Smile). That's why I prefer subtitles with movies.
Yesterday I found that xbmc subtitles add on is supporting automatic download and showing subtitles.
I installed, enabled and activated it, but when I open movie (autmatically opened in MX player) subtitles are not presented. I searched internet and I realized that XBMC subtitles add on in other implementations is not using MX player. I found topis with SubsLauncher. I followed these instrctions:
I managed to get autmatically downloaded subtitles for movies on my local drive that I start outside of XBMC. When I tried from xbmc, I everytime get No subtitle and than nothing happened?

Has anyone get workin xbmc sutitles ad on on android? Any idea?
Play the movie -> touch anywhere on the screen -> hit the sound icon on the bottom -> select "browse for subtitles" then select your downloaded subtitle file :-)

I hope this helps
Thank you for your answer. I was not clear enough in my post. I am wotching online movies (1Channel), therefore I don't have subtitles on my disk. That is why your scenario is not suitable.
If you're watching the movies through 1Channel website itself, there's nothing we can do, but if you're watching it through XBMC using 1Channel plugin, but the subtitle add on is not working for you, then you need to update your XBMC version to the latest one ( Frodo 12.0) from the download section of This is a known issue with 1Channel plugin itself not the Subtitles addon, but it was partially fixed on XBMC Frodo. Upgrade and I hope it fixes your issue. And better to uninstall XBMC completely and install fresh.
I am watching it through XBMC using 1Channel plugin. I installed it 3 weeks ago. I think it was already a Frodo. I am running it on android. On my PC everything is working just fine.
Then you need to install XBMCHUB Maintenance add-on from XBMCHUB Repository and once it's installed, start the maintenance addon, and there you'll find a fix for 1Channel subtitle, click on it and restart XBMC, it will hopefully work now. If it didn't there's another solution probably.
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