Fast Forwarding?
I know this sounds like an idiotic question, but how do I fast forward?

I press forward and the display appears in the top right which slides 2x, 16x (or whatever) but the tv or movie doesn't seem to fast forward?
That's the right way. I'm assuming you're on a Rasberry Pi, though? The R-Pi's video player is a little different than XBMC on other platforms, and only steps forward and backwards in chunks of time, and doesn't use ff/rw.
Yes, am using Raspberry PI. How do I fast forward then?
What are you using to control XBMC? Remote, keyboard, mouse?
On a "regular" (MCE) remote control you can jump forward/backward 30 seconds by pressing left or right, and forward/backwards 10 minutes by pressing up/down. You can also jump to any point in the movie by entering the time code on the keypad then pressing OK (or ENTER, whatever is on your remote), eg. "11000" OK" would jump to 1 hour and 10 minutes.
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Using a Harmony One remote. Will have to try the up down thing. Cheers.
Yeah you have to step forward in chunks unfortunately despite the header stating 2x,4x, etc.

The code is in omxplayer for fast-forward/rewind but doesn't work for some reason - no idea if anyone's looked into it...

case '1':
        SetSpeed(m_av_clock->OMXPlaySpeed() - 1);
case '2':
        SetSpeed(m_av_clock->OMXPlaySpeed() + 1);

Given some free time I'd look at this myself, but I guess it's not straightforward as it would be fixed by now (many people complain about it).
I'm using Yatse, can't fast forward or jump.

Just read the FAQ, and seen it's n/a yetBlush
The lack of fast forward/rewind feature in Raspberry Pi XBMC is a big usability problem for me, and I guess for others too. Does anybody have any ideas what could be done to fix this? If I ever have a few extra hours (that is a very big if...) I may try to have a look at this.
I was wondering how to fast forward on the RPi, glad I found this forum post.
I'm using my Android phone free XBMC wifi remote control app, the arrows work great!
I think there are phone apps for Android and iPhone, just go to the system info on xbmc,
get the ip address and copy that to the phone app setup. Then setup xbmc for remote control.

Can anybody FF at all? I find it freezes the RaspberryPi and in turn decided to try it on a MiniX5 and also XBMC installed on Win7. On all counts YouTube freezes when trying to move to say, 20mins into a show. This only occurs when using the XBMC YouTube plugin. Using the Andoird YouTube App is fine and also on a stand alone PC. Its something to do with XBMC version of YouTube & banging my head on this one. Desperate to find an answer and still searching as I love XBMC however can't use it due to this single issue. Suggestions welcome.

PS: The YATSE XBMC remote for Android phones is an amazing app for those looking for a decent remote.
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