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Hi All,

i want to switch between two use-cases of my xbmc hardware: In summer only an mpd server is needed in winter i want to load xbmc completely (xbmc conlicts with the audio device on nvidias ion platform - but that's another topic).

So i have to kill the loading process of xbmc ... (something like a hard switch in a script) but it's confusing, it seems that all known scripts that runs on startup doesn't have affect on the loading process.

So here s my Question: Anyone knows a proper way to prevent xbmc from loading?

Another solution would be to solve the audio-device conflicts, but the sound configuration seems also different from older versions, so asking google doesn't helps me much.

Thanks in advance!
If I understand you correctly, you want your system to boot directly into XBMC in some instances and, in other instances, you want to just boot into your XBMCbuntu desktop so you can run other applications without XBMC running? If so, that's easy to do;
  1. Bring up the Shutdown menu in XBMC ("s" on keyboard or power icon on lower-left of home page) and select "Exit"
  2. System log-in window is displayed.
  3. Enter your username, password and, on the 3rd input field, click the arrow to open the dropdown menu
  4. Select "XBMCbuntu" instead of "XBMC" and click Log-in
  5. The XBMCbuntu desktop should be displayed.
The system remembers your last setting, so every time you boot up your system, it will default to the XBMCbuntu desktop. If you want to switch your session back to XBMC, just select the Shutdown menu from the XBMCbuntu desktop and select Log-off to display the log-in page. From there, just change the session from "XBMCbuntu" back to "XBMC" and the system will now boot directly into XBMC again.
yes, that's exactly what i need! Thank you very much artrafel!
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