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IPTVSimple PVR-addon with XMLTV EGP
i think people just have to be patient and let each pvr client finish loading. Wink.

as for the genres, i think i wasn't clear enough. right now i don't think the <category>-tag is mapped to anything in the iptv-client. some of the other pvr clients include an xml/txt file with mappings (as far as i've read online).

the <category>Movie</category>-tag is still displayed as genre:"unknown" in the epg info panel in xbmc.
(2013-03-21, 21:38)thatguy7669 Wrote: i think people just have to be patient and let each pvr client finish loading. Wink.

I wish this was my issue but it isn't.

I'm currently only on a testing phase but my idea is to give all-in-one solution with my production setup and currently it seems I can't avoid multiple pvr servers.
I will probably use atleast one tvheadend server for dvb-t, another tvheadend server for dvb-s2, one vdr server for analog tv & am/fm radio and for digital component capturing.
So my XBMC client will probably need to run 3 pvr clients plus the iptvsimple client and they all should play nice with each other.

You are right. Currently the iptvsimple client doesn't convert <category> tag value into xbmc genre type, but the xbmc have got the genre type named EPG_GENRE_USE_STRING. If this type is used in EPG entry then the genre displays as genre description into EPG entry. The iptvsimple uses EPG_GENRE_USE_STRING genre type into the epg and category tag value (if exists) as description of genre.

I hope I have clearly explained.
can you give a short example how to use "EPG_GENRE_USE_STRING" within the plugin/xmltv setup?

I don't understand. Can you provide to me some adjustments...

You want use "EPG_GENRE_USE_STRING" into your own plugin/addon or you need explain how the iptvsimple use it?

i'd like to know how iptvsimple uses it and if i need to edit my xmltv file for genre-colors in the epg.

or do i need to create an epg_translations file that describes how the genre tags in my xmltv file should be processed by xbmc and if yes, where does that file go?
Currently the iptvsimple uses the EPG_GENRE_USE_STRING genre and the <category> value as the description of genre for all entries of EPG and it have not any way to translate the value of <category> tag to the xbmc genre type. Unfortunatly, the xbmc doesn't colorize this type of genre.

I'm planning to add support of <genre> tag in xmltv and/or a some possibility to translate value of <category> tag into the xbmc genre type in future releases.
Can someone add it to the official repository? Need this on android
(2013-03-28, 10:19)DiZet Wrote: Can someone add it to the official repository? Need this on android
The PR already created and waits for merge.
@afedchin - Is it possible to add recording to this? I have been working on this the past few days and I now have Live TV setup using your PVR with 75 HD channels on it. It isn't quite perfect but it is pretty damned close! If recording would be possible, that would be incredible.

Either way, thank you for the amazing work!

This feature is planned for development. Now I can't say exactly when this feature will be added.
Excellent. Thanks so much!

I'm not sure if this is related to a change in xbmc but on xbmc 12.1 I'm getting very good results with 3 clients enabled: iptvsimple, tvheadend and vnsi, tested with multiple channels on each server.
I still in testing phase so I only checked this briefly but it looks great.

Please consider adding radio channels in the current PR to xbmc-pvr-addons, maybe use my changes.
I was trying to understand why when using url to the m3u the channels list won't auto update, when looking at the code (and I'm not a developer) it seems that you use StatFile() to compare between the cached m3u and the link stored at m_strM3uUrl.
But does StatFile() suitable to url or just to local files ?
The StatFile() is suitable for url also. For url it returns the value of Last-Modified header that sends by servers (if header is exists).

As for radio channels, I'm going to add the feature asap. Thanks for your changes but they are incomplete.
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