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TV Show scraper not work, lime tvdb
Hello, i have installed raspbmc on my raspberry pi, with quartz skin, i can't understand why when i try to scraper the information of my tv show file, doesn't find anything, instead find the movies information with now problem, i have tried tvdb scraper and also TV, because i have set the italian language in the user interface...i can see in the up of the interface the pop up of scanning the file, but doesn't find anything...
I have find something, in the folder i have add to xbmc there are some tv show file of different tv show, so i have tried to create a single folder for every tv show, and works, but in these way i have to create always a folder, there is a way to doesn't do this?
You must have a separate folder for each TV show

XBMC does not use the file name to get the show title.

Folder name -> Show title
File name -> Season/Episode number (e.g. S01E01)

There is no way around that.

Video library/Naming files/TV show (wiki)

TV Show scraper not work, lime tvdb00