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XBMC on Pivos XIOS DS problems
Hi community,

as I´m still looking for the best non-PC based platform for XBMC, I´m currently exploring several solutions (Pivos XIOS DS, Raspberry Pi, ODROID-X, ...).
I just received my Pios XIOS DS yesterday from Amazone and honestly I´m not all too happy with it ...
Firstly it arrived with just a UK mains plug, so I had to go out and get an adapter for German/Austrian mains sockets, but never mind.
Secondly there was not even XBMC on the box, alothough it had a big XBMC logo on the package. So I installed XBMC for Android from the XBMC download page - the result was abysmal ... every now and then a frame ....
So I went to the Pivos support page, downloaded the latest beta OS and upgraded the box, uninstalled XBMC, downloaded the apk from the Pivos page and tried again. Now the results are much better, h.264 movies seem to stream flawlessly.
But there are still two big issues - first I cannot change the screen resolution in XBMC to anything else then 720p (although it´s set to 1080p in the OS settings) and VC-1 encoded movies produce a a green screen (I can hear the sound, so it does not just crash, it simply does not decode VC-1).
The same VC-1 movies play fine on my Raspberry Pi and Boxee Box, so it´s not an encoding issue.
Although I quite like the XIOS DS, it´s kind of unusable for me a the the moment due to the small screen resolution od the inability to play VC-1 movies.
Any ideas on how to get 1080p playback at least?

Cheers, Stefan
It's only the GUI that is in 720. The video output will be in 1080. This need to be made clearer in the settings box, because it even confused me for a little bit.

Not sure about the VC-1 issue. I'll see if I can nab some VC-1 samples and see if they play on my XIOS.

As for set up, I believe the eventual goal is to have XBMC installed out of the box, but they're still working out the tweaks and details (I think). It sounds like it would cause a big delay at the factory level to stop and update there (especially considering it was being updated so often), so for now they just skip it and have people install from the pivos website.
VC1 was fixed in recent commit, see a recent nightly which are available on the pivos forums.

Development is fast and furious, there's no way Pivos can keep the factory up to date with the current buildroot-linux repo.
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