Skin for poor eyesight?
Is there a skin that uses larger fonts etc for persons with poor eyesight? My wife has a hard time with most HTPC software skins. I've been using NextPVR and had to double or triple and lot of the text size so she could read them. XBMC default skin seems to have about the same size fonts as NextPVR's default so I have to find an existing skin with high visibility or figure out how to modify a skin with bigger fonts. I did that with NPVR, it wasn't complicated but it was rather brutal having to manually edit XML files...

So can anyone point to a nice skin for my beautiful wife?

Try this thread...
Try reFocus BIG

It has big fonts as default and it is very very nice.
this is a skin i started because of cataracts in both eyes this is for kodi 19
Give Quartz a look. The default Arial font is easy on the eyes and a bold option is available as well.
@PatM I know a tiny bit about poor eye sight. I'm just wondering if all the candy in Kodi would be necessary for someone having poor vision, and that perhaps a skin with almost only text with much bigger&bolder fonts would be more beneficial? Something the like "Simple layout" in Android.
Just curious why people are responding to a post that is over 9 years old?
If the thread's question has basically not changed, I don't see a major problem. The call for a simpler Kodi GUI has been there for quite some time, not just for people with eyesight issues, but also for elderly people or very young kids. A skin with minimal of candy but big fonts on the movie, tv and music listings could be useful.
Ok, that's fine.
Probably I was thinking that with just one post in 9 years they were very likely not even an active user anymore, so any answer wouldn't really be relevant to them.
But I get what your saying about the thread title and that any answers given might help out new passing traffic....apologies.
No apologies necessary Smile
i am working on an update with text as widgets 

if you can think of anything else that would be useful
I added some large (and bold) fonts to Mimic. 
Some almost comically so.
(2022-04-08, 11:03)Dumyat Wrote: Just curious why people are responding to a post that is over 9 years old?

They must be having bad eyesight.
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(2022-05-30, 14:01)Raitsa Wrote: They must be having bad eyesight.

Yours is apparently bad enough to have missed my explanation some 7 weeks ago as to why it's okay to react to this thread. Let's just keep on-topic here.

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