Linux Please can someone help me get my remote working?
I am considering buying a Harmony 300 remote, but thought I would try one last time to get my old remote working.

I have just installed a clean version of XBMCbuntu Frodo and I have this remote.

When I run "irw" in the terminal the key presses are recognised however nothing happens in XBMC.

The wiki article suggests a vendor issue and "lsusb" suggests the vendor is Topspeed which the wiki page says can be an issue. I tried to add this vendor to the driver but the help page listed ( doesn't work as apparently "lirc-modules-source" is not a package available to install.

Can anyone offer me any info on how to activate my remote and make it work?
If irw is working you likely just need to setup a lircmap.xml.

The wiki says it's "Compatible with the MS remote" so you may be able to copy the lircmap.xml from /usr/share/xbmc and rename the mce remote to whatever lirc is calling your remote when you use irw.
if irw is working, you do not need to do anything to lirc.

You just need to tell XBMC which key means what action. Setup a lircmap as divingmule explains.
OK, thank you for the help.

I will try that soon. Unfortunately my media centre has died so I can't try it now.

It is a few years old and I was running a dedicated graphics card on it that the PSU didn't support. I think the PSU has died or something as It will sometimes boot up but will then lock up after a few minutes.

Will let you know if this works after my new parts arrive.
Ok I am trying it on my laptop and it seems to be working using the method you described! YAY

Only problem is that sometimes when I press the buttons it registers as two presses. Any way to fix this?
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