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Mythtv Schedules Direct and xbmc
In the process of setting up a hdhomerun prime through mythtv for use in xbmc.

Do I still need to setup the schedules direct (including account) channel listing within mythtv even if i'm just using xbmc as the frontend?
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I dont know about the hdhomerun prime, but I had to setup schedules direct because I'm using an HD-PVR (USB tuner with ir blaster to control my Bell TV Satellite Receiver) and that USB card cant give me a channel listing, or tell me whats on each channel. So i had to use an external source from schedules direct to get a channel listing.

So if you can get that from the tuner you use, you shouldn't need schedules direct. If you cant, then you should sign up for it.

Unless you have another way to get guide data, I would say yes. They offer a great service and is worth it.

Mythtv Schedules Direct and xbmc00