OS X -  Disappearing Mouse Cursor
Running the stable Frodo version on a Mac Pro with 10.8.2. Can't see where this subject has ever been addressed.
Most annoying. Is there a fix?
Welcome to XBMC, not a 100% on where you are experiencing the issue. If you are using xbmc in a window mode and you want to access the cursor outside it, just move the cursor (as if you can see it) towards the dock and that should enable it again.
Macmini Server 2011 i7 Quad Core, OS 10.8.2, Amp Onkyo TX-SR308 USB WD drives 3x2TB TV Samsung Plasma 720p EyeTV Integration
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While this is an old thread, I stumbled across the same problem with Kodi 16.1 running on macOS 10.11.6.

The "move the cursor towards the dock" trick doesn't work for me, neither with Kodi in windowed nor full screen mode. (Might be because I usually have the dock hidden on the screen's right side)

Here's my workaround: Hit Command+Tab and select another application.
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