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Long time WDTV user here and frankly, I finally got sick of Western Digital ruining their players through poor firmware updates. They should have been called 'downgrades' for all the trouble they caused. Anyway. I figured why deal with the small when I can move up to bigger and better with an HTPC and XBMC !

One thing that lacked with early versions of the WDTV's were the look and feel. While better than many early digital media players, they still were pretty 'vanilla' ... that is unless you used B-rad homebrew. With that came the ability to theme the players and quite a few were good. But some in particular were Lstar337's 'Split-Sheet' themes.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to port over his themes ?
I have asked Lstar337 about doing a port but he informed me that work and family have taken over and he really hasnt the time to do such a task. He did however inform me, and I quote ...
Quote:Your only real chance would be if somebody who already makes themes for XBMC came to me and asked for my original Photoshop files so they could create the theme themselves.

Would anyone be up to the task of doing this ?!
Looks interesting, personally i really like the views.
yep, it's really really nice !! too bad i don't know how to make skins .. hope someone will do it..
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I love XBMC Since XBMP !! so it's a long long story....
Flags for all audio and subtitles languages... nice.
I just have to go off topic and say sucker punch was the worst movie ever Smile
(2013-02-26, 15:17)Jezz_X Wrote: I just have to go off topic and say sucker punch was the worst movie ever Smile

Agreed !! But I like the media views.
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If anybody was interested, I just found the folder with all my original artwork in.
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