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I've installed xbmcbuntu 12.10 on my old asrock ion 330 and connected it to my lcd tv with a hdmi cable.

I have been playing around a bit customizing stuff (skin, addins and so on) without any problems. But now after a reboot it seems like there is no signal out of the hdmi-port. There is no picture at all when I start up the asrock - not even the bios splash screen (which I assume should be waaaay before ubuntu kicks in)!

I have been playing around a bit with audio settings of the hdmi (there was only static noise on my tv with the standard settings), but I don't think I touched anything related to the video. Nevertheless the above sort of indicates that the port in some way has been disabled.

I'm able to ssh into the box and it seems to be up and running. But without the gui on a big screen it's kind of useless ;-) Any ideas on what I can do to activate the video again or just troubleshoot it using ssh? I tried apt-get update and upgrade, but it doesn't seem to help.

I could of course just try to reinstall everything, but then I'll loose quite a few recordings and 3 days of customizing... :-(

I hope somebody can help - I'm pretty much a noob in linux.
Ok... I got hold of an old VGA monitor and that is able to show me whats going on. If I log out of xbmc and into ubuntu it's clear that something is clearly wrong with the display settings. The TV over HDMI is not detected, but the VGA monitor is (when opening the NVIDIA display properties). However there is now an image on the TV of a part of the ubuntu desktop with the rest of the desktop being on the VGA monitor. So I guess there's nothing physical wrong with the HDMI port/cable. There got to be some software settings that I managed to screw up, so the HDMI has become secondary and the TV "not detectable". And when in XBMC the picture will solely go to the VGA port instead of the HDMI :-(

Is there anyway I can reset the display properties. I'm completely blank on what I should do here...
Look at renaming /etc/xorg.conf or creating adding one, I recommend you use Nvidia drivers 304.64 (from x-swat ppa) and the xorg.conf I have on my signature (last link) to get you started.

For video drivers do.

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties pkg-config pastebinit
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates
apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings

When you have inserted that xorg.conf and rebooted it would be useful to see a pastebin of the full /var/log/Xorg.0.log and see what that log says its going on as there is where displays get handled.

Only when using that xorg.conf I mentioned and after installing nvidia drivers and reboot do

cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit
and post link here.

Thanks a lot for the help :-) Unfortunately it does not seem to have solved the problem...

The pastebin is here:

EDIT: Woops... Didn't have the screen turned on while doing the pastebin... Here's one with the screen on (but obviusly with no image on):
On both logs it reports (in fact same log both exactly same.

[    29.860] Fatal server error:
[    29.860] no screens found
[    29.860] (EE)

There is your problem, no screens detected, easiest is check the cable and that a proper connection is being made and that your TV is set to the correct channel/input

Turn your TV on, and then turn on the HTPC. I have same HTPC as you btw well mine is the HT model.

yeah... I noticed that. But the strange thing is that both the HDMI cable and TV actually works fine. When I connect other devices to the same cable/tv they work fine. Also when I connected the VGA monitor I could log into ubuntu (not XBMC) and then th HDMI/TV seems to work although only a part of the desktop is shown with the rest showing up on the VGA monitor.

Nevertheless. I decided to start all over. Backed up the recorded shows and are now installing XBMCBuntu again... And the HDMI/TV workes fine now that I booted from the installer stick. I must have broken something pretty serious...! Confused Just a shame I wasn't able to figure out what :-(

Thanks for the help and have a nice day.
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