How to synchronize audio with video?
Sometimes or often the audio signals, spoken words, are not s synchronous with the video, so there might be a difference of 1, 2 seconds or so. How could I correct that?

It seems to occur on that videos which run for a fraction of a second or so like fast forward when starting at the beginning or somewhere in the middle and than slow down to the normal view speed.
While the video is playing, move your mouse and you will see an option bar appear at the top or bottom of the screen depending on the skin you use. One icon on that bar looks like a speaker, click it and there is an audio offset option you can select to add or remove delay in miliseconds. If you don't have a mouse, or using ATV then I am unsure how to get this menu to display since I have only used the windows version of XBMC.
Thank you very much, Diggs,

I use "Confluence". I have found this option, but it is extremely difficult for me to get the audio signals synchronous with the video, I didn't manage that. It must be about 3.700 or 4.500s difference...or more or less...slower or faster....between audio and image...I am not able to adjust it.

I also use a mouse, also on Windows on a Notebook, is there a skin you can recommend?

At the beginning of the movie, the signals are synchronous, but at the end they are none synchronous.
If you are consistently getting out of sync A/V and it changes, you can try playing around with the A/V Sync options in the videos settings. If you turn on the "sync playback to display" option under Settings->Videos->Playback, then you can adjust the "A/V Sync Method". Try different settings and see if any of them improve your experience.
Thank you, Zernable, good idea, I didn't know these options, alas any of these three functions do not sync A/V, it stays the same.
Suddenly I do not have any sound anymore though after finishing trying the different sync settings the audio signals were still there. How could I correct that. May there is a connection to NPRV I tried to set up.
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