Unable to Scan items to library
Hello everyone, I have just finished getting xbmcbuntu installed alongside my Windows 7. Both OS are on the same partition, as well as all of my music and movies. I was able to find all of my music, and I am able to play them if I go to Music>Files. However when I try scanning the items to library, it will download album art and thumbnails, but the files will not play! I have to go back to the music>files in order to get them to play. All the files do show up in library mode, but when I try to select them i get an error, "Playlist-can't find next item to play"

I put a few of my music files on a thumbdrive, and added them to the library. Those files play fine in library mode. Is there something I'm missing here? Am I having problems because the music files are on the same HDD as my xbmcbuntu? (Also a side note, when I first added my music collection to the library, it took forever, I viewed my music in library mode, and it made many duplicates of my music. None of it was playable but there were 4 versions of each song. Took me a few library cleanings to get them all off. I noticed the updater was getting to the end, and then starting over, I had to shut it down)
debug log needed
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