Linux XBMCbuntu always crashes
Hello everybody,

today I installed a GPU (ATI HD3470) in my XBMC Machine, before that it used to use Intel Onboard graphics. Well, with the new GPU XBMC Would start properly so I downloaded the XBMCbuntu version for AMD. I wanted to install if from my USB Stick. But it always crashed. When I pressed "Try XBMCbuntu" you could see the XBMC Interface loading 3 Times and then the login screen displayed.

I tried to install it after passing the login screen, but around half way through the Installation it aborted :-(.

I hope you guys have a handy hint for me. I don't want to miss my xbmcbuntu.
BTW: after all that failed I tried openelec. That worked without problems, but I dont like openelec alot because I need full access via ssh Smile

Thanks a lot! Smile
Your card has been abandoned by ati, it needs a legacy driver. Take the card back and swap ir for nvidia. Yes really.
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