Bug Caching network photo sources containing RAW pictures results in crashing XMBC
Hi guys,

I have a problem.
I trying to add a network photo source, which contains JPEG and also RAW pictures.(RAW pictures of my Sony camera have *.ARW extension!)
Adding the source isn't the problem. But after that, when I try to open the folder and XBMC tries to cache the files, XBMC crashes.
I already tried this on MacOS 10.6 with XBMC 12.0 and Windows 7 Pro. 64bit with XBMC 12.0 -> same behavior.

When I copy the files on my Desktop and add this folder as a data source, caching is successful.
But when I click on a RAW file, XBMC crashes,too.

To make it clear:
I don't want to view the RAW files in XBMC, but I want to view the JPEG files in the same folder without crashing.

Before my last try I enabled debugging I pasted the log file here: XBMC-Log

Maybe one of you can help me.

PS: For Windows I used a netdrive (with driveletter PSmile and for MacOS I used SMB protocol.
Looks like the XBMC has developed dyslexia as the file extension is showing as .ARW in the log file.
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*.ARW is a supported file extension so I think you found 2 bugs.
1> Caching .ARW over network: jpegparser is unable to load .arw files and then the threading crashes. Marshall made pictures thread safe but I didn't see this work for .raw-files.
2> Displaying .ARW: Texture manager can not handle .ARW

Since a lot of development happened around pictures like imagefactory and new-jpeg encoding (and in XBMC in generel like threading, caching, etc) is not strange that some regression like this pops up. I haven't seen a recent ticket so I think that would be the start for a solution for this.

Some research:
- known problems with RAW-files
- This ticket indicates it should work.
- This fixed some other RAW related problems.
- Another ticket about *.ARW problems (this topic goes along).
- .cr2 files show pink

If you have a new camera, it could be simply updating CXimage (which uses libdcr 8.91.) to a newer version.. But with the new imagefactory in, it's the plan to use libraw instead.
Ok, so what can I do as a user with thousands of .ARW files? As I stated in the other thread, neither Frodo 12.2, nor one of the Gotham nightly builds properly handles these files.

It seems this issue has been around for over 3 years now.
Creating or updating a relevant ticket with a Debug Log and example pic is the only thing you can do..
Ok, ticket created: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/14575
Seen this before:

msg: JpgParse: Not a JPEG file C:\Users\Me\Desktop\Sample ARW\Sample.ARW

Now I think I understand what's happening:
I think the problem is when there is an embedded JPG file in the .arw (or any other .raw file). This would also explain the inconsistent behaviour with raw files since not all raw files have embedded jpg's.

Can you test this with and without embedded JPEG?
I too encounter exactly this problem with .arw files. Unfortunately I didn't find a way to exclude or delete the preview image from the raw file for test purpose (neither in-camera or with exiftool). This problem is critical for me as it renders the XBMC picture viewer useless in my conditions (raw + jpegs in the same directory). Ok, ticket created by Morbeas, but in the meanwhile I'm thinking about a workaround: I would prefer to completely filter out the arw files from display/thumbnail generation. I admit this may be a trivial operation, but I didn't find how to do it. I'm quite new to XBMC...
You van have an advancedsettings.XML with
(2013-06-16, 21:15)Robotica Wrote: What about a GUI option to "don't show RAW-files in listings"? At least for the time being this seems a sensible "solution". Would workaround problems with playback, listings and thumbs.

This option "Disable RAW-files" means:
- don't extract thumbs/EXIF info. from RAW-files
- don't show RAW (extracted) thumbs in listings
- skip raw files in screensaver/slideshow

Even with proper raw-support (libRAW) this is a usefully feature, given that many people like to store their raw files in the same directory as their jpeg counterparts but don't want them to show up double in their listings/slideshow/screensaver.

Enabling this option (default to Disable) for Gotham would improve the general user experience.
Robotica, thank you for the advancedsettings.XML tip. I definitely vote for the GUI option.
Thanks everyone for the solution. I too was dealing with XBMC wasting a lot of time loading and then displaying garbage in place of ARW files. Just in case anyone else has an issue with the advancedsettings.xml solution, it didn't seem to work until I entered the extension in lowercase. This was on Win2012R2.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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Caching network photo sources containing RAW pictures results in crashing XMBC00