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Installing XBMC on Samsung Blu-Ray Player
Hi, new to the forum, but I've been using XBMC for YEARS. I've had this Samsung Blu-Ray Player (BD-C5500) for a while now, and I honestly think it would be an incredible platform for you to use. I've exhausted searches on the internet to install XBMC on a blu-ray player, but every result keeps coming back to the "can't be done" answer. Well, my question is, is the ACTUAL answer that it "can't" be done, or that no one wants to/has done it yet? I know that this specific model already uses linux, and I know that it has more memory and a stronger processor than the original Xbox ever had, on top of the ability to playback every video file that I've thrown at it thus far.

To get me by, I've been using the Plex Media Server, which actually works pretty well, but let's be honest, it's no XBMC. Samsung Blu-Ray Players already have a "developer" mode, where you can install apps from anywhere you tell the machine to look, which is how Plex came on the market anyway, so exactly how difficult would it be to port XBMC to this machine? Up until about 6 months ago, I was still using the original Xbox to run XBMC (with the updated software provided by xbmc4xbox, it ran pretty decently), but I would like to have a system that can play ANYTHING, and not need to be replaced in the next couple years. On top of that, installing XBMC on a blu-ray player, will honestly give you everything you need all in one machine. It'll allow you to stream your media to your TV, it'll allow you to still access online media such as netflix or hulu, and then you can still play your actual blu-ray's that you don't want to rip, all on one machine.

I've already done the research, I know about the Raspberry Pi, Apple TV, and just building a HTPC, and while that is an option for everyone, it's also an option that requires you to go out and buy more hardware. A requirement that will limit your audience, because there are people out there that just can't/don't know how to do that. I am very sorry if this has been asked before, I did search the forum, but I did not find any posts that were made within the last year. I also apologize if I'm just an idiot and this has already been done. Lastly, I apologize if I sound rude, but I honestly think this would be an awesome addition, and will open XBMC up to a lot more people.


P.S. I mentioned above that I did search the forum, so I'm prepared for the apparent rude comments I shall receive.
With enough time and money, anything is possible. For a group our size, an optimistic estimate would be several years, assuming it's possible without massive code rewrites. There are entire groups still trying to work out loading custom firmware on that bluray player, let alone porting XBMC and all it's dependancies to it.

In other words, no. Unless you find a team of insane programmers and spend tons of money on them, and maybe also kidnap Samsung engineers, and wait a long time.
I understand. However, just knowing that it's being considered and worked on is reassuring. Would a redirection be possible? Maybe a scaled down version of XBMC, to be released in an App format? At least for the limited knowledge I have on the subject, I would assume that compiling the media streaming functions of XBMC into an app, and making that app compatible with (in this case) the Samsung machines would be easier than trying to reverse engineer the firmware and replacing the existing firmware with a different firmware.

However, I do accept the answer, which was the answer I had feared.

Thanks! And please let me know if there are any breaking developments in this, as I don't actually know where to find that information myself.
Another question I have then, what are some other options? On a cost stand point, what is the best hardware to buy, that will allow me to connect XBMC to my TV? I don't want to build a HTPC to stream content to, because I'm not in a position to do that currently. Ideally, I would want something similar to the original Xbox. Something that will just plug into my TV via HDMI, will preferably boot to XBMC, I can control with a remote control and not a keyboard/mouse, and can connect to my media I have stored? I would prefer wireless, but it's not a necessity. This is the biggest thing holding me back from making a purchase. I have a Rasberry Pi priced, and currently with everything that I would need, it's coming to $80, with a case. However, this is without a remote control, as CEC (apparently) doesn't work for me.

I've looked into the Apple TV, but it's not my style. Everytime I do a search, I see people asking for the best device, and half the people make fun of them, and the other half of the people responding say to build a HTPC. Is there a list of devices that you can install XBMC on the internet someplace? Any help would be appreciated.
Hi there I also have a Pioneer BDP 170 Blu-Ray player and I was thinking the exact same thing as yourself. I want to install TVMC, KODI, XBMC that seems more difficult as the other guy explained. You can do many things for e.g buy a Beelink X2 android tv box which seems to be the worlds cheapest 4k box to date or if you're like me and want to completely build something here's what I plan to do.

I have an old Pioneer DVR-LX60D which I plan on converting into an android powered Pioneer HTPC, seems crazy I know but I rather use that for the chassis and it's pretty sleek and minimalistic. Any help would be appreciated, if anyone wanted to build it with me providing you have a similar set up then let's talk lol..... Big Grin

I was thinking of incorporating the Beelink X2 android box internals to the Pioneer DVR-LX60D
This android box is 4k capable and is priced $34

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