[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2013-07-04, 05:17)wishie Wrote: Ive just spent nearly a day undoing the mess that a shared Thumbnails did caused. I used to use path sub for it too, thinking it was a good idea, even though I was told otherwise.
The performance on the clients suffer (especially if Pi/ATV2/Android devices), network load increases, etc etc.. Its simply not worth it.

My understanding now is, if you remove the Textures.db and path sub from the clients, they will automatically download the artwork (based from the URLs stored in the video library) store them in its own Thumbnails cache and build Textures db locally with optimised images. This may be a pain to start with, but will be a very minimal (and automated thing) afterwards.

You end up with less network traffic, and faster client performance.

I still use MySQL for my video and music libraries, but artwork should be unique for each client. I guess there is no harm having a shared thumbnail cache for 2 Pi's or 2 ATV2's or something, but I still wouldn't do it.
Well that's interesting then; thanks for the info.

I did spend a lot of time setting up the scenario with the specific goal of ease of use. Performance wasn't really my primary concern because with other performance tweaks, the wife hasn't noticed any difference!

I was also concerned about any tweaks to my collection wouldn't get updated at the client. Does this happen automatically? Or do you have to use texturecache.py on each client each time? I also hated how long it took to load the client DB, but I have since found a bottle-neck, so it may be better next time!

I have 2 Pi's currently, with a third imminent. I see that number increasing as the kids get older! I will be interested in how the network responds.

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