[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2013-08-04, 18:25)CaptainKen Wrote: Updated to latest texturecache.py and ran with payload option again.


C:\Python27>texturecache.py C sets @download.payload=yes @logfile=C:\Temp\tc.log @logfile.verbose=yes

Caching artwork: 0 items remaining of 82 (qs: 0, qm: 0), 0 errors, 0 threads active (01.28 downloads per second, ETA: 00:00:00)

Cache pre-load activity summary for "sets":

              |    fanart   |    poster   |    thumb    |    TOTAL
Cached        |      41     |      41     |      -      |      82
Deleted       |      5      |      6      |      -      |      11
Duplicate     |      1      |      1      |      41     |      43
Error         |      -      |      -      |      -      |      0
Ignored       |      -      |      -      |      -      |      0
Skipped       |      -      |      -      |      -      |      0
Undefined     |      -      |      -      |      -      |      0
TOTAL         |      47     |      48     |      41     |     136
Download Time | 00:00:23.88 | 00:00:18.51 |      -      | 00:00:40.44

  Threads Used: 5
   Min/Avg/Max: 0.27 / 1.20 / 1.65

       Loading: 00:00:00.13
       Parsing: 00:00:00.00
     Comparing: 00:00:00.42
   Downloading: 00:00:41.00
TOTAL RUNTIME: 00:00:41.57

In the log I'm seeing 11 items deleted, and 82 items downloaded - but I thought you'd already downloaded all 82 items with your previously post (#279)?

This makes me wonder if the download then (and even now) is working. When you run "texturecache.py nc sets" are any items identified as needing to be cached? You should now have zero items needing to be cached, which is to say, if you run "C sets" again, all 82 items should be deleted (then re-cached).

(2013-08-04, 18:25)CaptainKen Wrote: One of my issues is this the "Blender Open Movies" fanart.jpg for the collection isn't updating to latest. In looking through the latest log below I don't even see it listed.

They're both there in the log, however the urls are "quoted" - these are the relevant parts of the log (pastebin).

(2013-08-04, 18:25)CaptainKen Wrote: There are actually five movies in the Blender collection, but only big buck bunny is in the log.
(Ignore the 2 and 2 dups)

C:\Python27>texturecache.py jd sets blender
    "setid": 42,
    "title": "Blender Open Movies",
    "art": {
      "fanart": "image://smb://SERVER2/video2/Movies Anime Sets/Blender Open Movies/Big Buck Bunny/fanart.jpg/",
      "poster": "image://smb://SERVER2/video2/Movies Anime Sets/Blender Open Movies\\poster.jpg/",
      "thumb": "image://smb://SERVER2/video2/Movies Anime Sets/Blender Open Movies\\poster.jpg/"
    "label": "Blender Open Movies"

Right, but you're re-caching the set artwork, not the artwork of the movies comprising the set so that's why the movies aren't in the log.

In the case of the Blender set, this has artwork of one poster and one fanart (and also one - legacy - thumb which is a duplicate of the poster, so doesn't need to be cached). These two items (poster and fanart) are being cached as they are present in your Textures13.db according to the results of "s blender":

011136|f/f588847a.jpg|1080|1920|0001|2013-08-04 15:22:29|2013-08-04 08:22:29|smb://SERVER2/video2/Movies Anime Sets/Blender Open Movies/Big Buck Bunny/fanart.jpg
011142|3/3f6d34bf.jpg|0278|0185|0001|2013-08-04 16:17:04|2013-08-04 09:17:04|smb://SERVER2/video2/Movies Anime Sets/Blender Open Movies\poster.jpg

The fanart image for the set is in the Big Buck Bunny folder because (according to your screenshot) you have misspelled the name of fanart.jpg in the root folder - you've named it fanaart.jpg (two a's). This would explain why MSAA has drilled down into one of the sub folders (Big Buck Bunny) to find a usable fanart.jpg.

(2013-08-04, 18:25)CaptainKen Wrote: I noticed those backslashes too, and was clueless how they got there and how to remedy? Perhaps this is the root of my problems?

I can't think of an easy remedy, unless you can force MSAA to overwrite existing values which I don't think it will do by default. I use MSAA and its always worked fine, but maybe it has a quirk which causes it to incorrectly use backslashes (when run on Windows, perhaps?)

Whether it's a problem or not I don't know - is the GUI displaying you the poster for the Blender set? If it's not, then it's probably the backslash that is the problem. If it is being displayed then nothing to worry about! Smile

(2013-08-04, 18:25)CaptainKen Wrote: EDIT:
This was another issue I was having and never resolved.
No collection fanart displayed until I is pressed
Video showing issue

Do you get those problems with stock Confluence - if not, it's most likely a skin issue. Then again, could be those backslashes...
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.

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