[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2013-08-07, 06:21)MilhouseVH Wrote: According to the log, a very large number of files (71,051 to be precise) are being detected as "orphans" - these are files that exist in the Thumbnails folder, but do not have an entry in the Textures13.db database, ie. they were created and referenced by the cache at some point in the past, but are now no longer referenced. These are most likely cached files left over from a previous pre-Frodo installation.

I would suggest running "texturecache.py r" to see details of the orphan files, then "texturecache.py R" to automatically remove them. If there are "too many" files identified as orphans (ie. more than 5% of your entire Thumbnails folder) you will need to enable "orphan.limit.check = no" in the properties file for the script to proceed with removal - only set this property if you think removing this number of thumbnails is reasonable for your system!

Once you have removed the orphaned files, what remains should be files that are indexed within the texture cache. Pruning (p/P) should then identify these files that are known to the texture cache, but have no matching entry in your media library (and should therefore be safe to delete).

This worked nicely, now the thumbnails folder is 2.9gb, thanks! Big Grin

Quote:I suppose it would be a good idea if the "prune" options notified the user if orphaned files are detected.

Not sure what you mean by
(2013-08-07, 05:59)teeedubb Wrote: a few hundred megabytes on first run and has removed small amounts in certain runs since
as the files identified by "texturecache.py p" should be consistent from one run to the next (unless you access new artwork in the GUI which would create more "prunable" files). If you were to run "texturecache.py P", and then follow it up with "texturecache.py p" there should be no files listed as a result of the latter run. If you did see files listed for "p" it would suggest a problem.

Sorry, I should have been clearer - I was using a mix of p and P and the small amounts of deleted files would have been new artwork. No problems with files being listed from p after P.

Thanks for your help Milhouse!

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