[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
It seems to be XBMC that is scanning them in with today's date and time as the last played value. I saw many of them in the db like that before I even restored the DAT file. So I was wrong, the Texture Cache utility is not doing it. Running the restore did result in 17 unmatched items like I mentioned yesterday (ignore the error on The Godafather. That was my fault). Here is the log:


Also would it be possible to have this script backup and restore the date added? I know XBMC will restore based on the ctime or mtime of the file, but that screws things up for me. For example, If I added the movie The Godfather from DVD on 05-25-2005 and today I purchase the Blu-Ray, rip and scan it into XBMC, I always manually edit the existing Godfather entry in the db to point to the new file so that XBMC does not see it as a new movie and the watched status, play count and last played time remain intact. I do this because, to me, that info is specific to the movie and not the format. So I would much prefer the date added remain at 05-25-2005. Unfortunately re-scanning the library will replace that date with the newer date since the file attributes are now different.

I know my method is non-standard, but if it's possible to make your script do it and you have the time I would certainly find it useful and appreciate it. If not, no big deaal.
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