[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2013-09-16, 03:23)MilhouseVH Wrote:
(2013-09-16, 02:46)CaptainKen Wrote: What does it mean when it says they can't be downloaded? It lists the same ones every time I run this.

It means that when texturecache.py requests XBMC to download the artwork, XBMC has responded that the artwork is unavailable, and you'll need to look in xbmc.log for further clues. It is XBMC that performs the actual download of the artwork (from your LAN, or from the internet) and unfortunately the script has no idea why XBMC is unable to complete the task. Sometimes though the reason may be obvious, for example a misspelling, but usually it's because the artwork is hosted on a remote internet site and the artwork is no longer available (or the web site itself may be offline).

However in the cases you have listed, they are all "embedded" artwork items that will be extracted from within the corresponding media file (in this case, mp3 audio files).

These "embedded" artwork items cannot be pre-cached by texturecache.py as the process for extracting embedded artwork is - unfortunately - a function of the XBMC GUI and is not currently available to JSON processes. You need to browse to the media items in the GUI and wait while the XBMC extracts the artwork, whereupon it will be cached.

Since "embedded" artwork cannot be pre-cached, the texturecache.py script will - by default - ignore these embedded artwork items. However as the script is processing these items, I can only assume you've overridden this default behaviour by modifying the value of the property cache.ignore.types which defaults to the following:
cache.ignore.types = ^image://video, ^image://music

If you haven't modified cache.ignore.types, can you run the following commands, then paste the output and upload the log file c:\tc.log:

texturecache.py config
texturecache.py c albums @logfile=c:\tc.log @logfile.verbose=yes

(2013-09-16, 02:46)CaptainKen Wrote: Are those slashes at the end supposed to be there?

Yes, they're fine.

Well according to Tag&Rename they didn't have embedded artwork, although some others do. BTW, I haven't done anything with artwork for any of my music library, so there aren't any local artwork files.

Strange as the cache.ignore.types was missing the music option, but I'm pretty sure I didn't remove it as I make a note of every change to defaults so I can back track. Could have been one I skipped though.

So with the music option in cache.ignore.types it's fine, without it the can't download still appears.

Here's the log without the music option in the cfg file.
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