[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2013-10-03, 09:40)MilhouseVH Wrote:
(2013-10-03, 07:02)CaptainKen Wrote: I also misunderstood your statement "Fix: Swap back/forward slashes on JSON artwork paths whenever a slash is used incorrectly" to mean it fixed the database.

Yes, that just means I fixed something that wasn't working quite right before... the swap only occurs in memory, the database is not updated.

(2013-10-03, 07:02)CaptainKen Wrote: Currently I'm having the following issues, although not all of them show up using the "C" option:

Your tc log is not verbose - you didn't include "@logfile.verbose=yes".

Anyway, from what I can (just about) determine from the truncated texturecache log, is that:
  • "The Lord of the Rings Collection" poster and fanart cannot be downloaded by XBMC, most likely because the files don't exist
  • "Ice Age" is using fanart for "Ice Age - A Mammoth Christmas (2011)"
  • "Home Movies" fanart cannot be downloaded by XBMC, most likely because the file doesn't exist
  • "Ocean's Collection" is using the 1960s movie fanart because MSAA fails to find any "Possible thumbnails" of the fanart variety - basically, you're missing fanart for this set in the parent folder, so it drills down and picks the first movie fanart instead
  • "Fast & Furious 5" - if it's not adding itself to the set, that's a scanner/scraper issue, and something to be discussed in a different thread...

You can see the artwork URLs being used by your movie sets if you run:
texturecache.py jd sets

Since many of your movie sets contain mangled paths and were downloaded without a problem, I can only conclude that the movie set artwork that failed to download really doesn't exist in your file system. The following entries from your xbmc log tend to confirm this theory:
21:26:32 T:4120   DEBUG: CTextureCacheJob::GetImageHash - unable to stat url smb://SERVER2/video2/Movies/Two Towers/poster.jpg
21:26:32 T:4880   DEBUG: CTextureCacheJob::GetImageHash - unable to stat url smb://SERVER2/video2/Movies/Two Towers/fanart.jpg

So... double check that all of your movie set folders have suitable fanart/posters in the parent folder.

Thank for looking at this.

While not all my sets contain set artwork, MSAA should drill down and use the first movie fanart and poster, but they do not.

I did discover that Home Movies and Ocean's artwork was being block by windows as shown here:

While clearing that up fixed HomeMovies it didn't for Oceans, which does have set fanart and poster.

The Lord of the Rings paths are actually as follows. The paths shown in the xbmc log probably existed at one point, but no longer.
\\SERVER2\video2\Movie Sets\The Lord of the Rings Collection\Two Towers
\\SERVER2\video2\Movie Sets\The Lord of the Rings Collection\The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring

I'll get a verbose log Saturday as I'm running late now for airport.
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