[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2013-11-22, 13:57)Enlightened Wrote: When I delete extrafanart my main machine no longer has the artwork either.
This problem and advance launcher not showing fanart in mq5 are my only problems I can't seem to find an answer to.
Quote:I don't know what problem you have or are describing here - more detail?

I know xbmc isn't caching the fanart I've added myself because when I go into the extrafanart folder and delete everything on my main machine
the art no longer shows up. When I re add it shows up again. So xbmc is reading the local HDD instead of adding to the thumbnail folder.

(2013-11-22, 20:54)MilhouseVH Wrote: Though using a path such as "c:/music/artist/extrafanart" doesn't sound like a good idea if you are expecting this artwork to be shared amongst multiple clients (machines). You should be adding you music artwork to the media library with an "smb://" path and then sharing your c:/music folder so that all clients can access it via SMB. This would most likely explain why your other clients can't see the artwork as they can't access it (check for errors in their xbmc.log) - only the client with access to c:/music can cache this artwork.

My music is a smb path. But when I added in fanart myself the browser doesn't give me the option of adding it with a smb path so I have to add the folder. Everything I have is on a flexraid D:/music/artist
with full sharing enabled. I ran jd artist and got this

C:\WINDOWS\system32>c:\python27\python.exe c:\texturecache.py jd artists zz ward
"artist": "Ozzy Osbourne",
"artistid": 1486,
"fanart": "image://http://assets.fanart.tv/fanart/music/8aa5b65a-5b3c-4029-92bf-47a544356934/artistbackground/ozzy-osbourne-4ec36e648cafb.jpg/",
"label": "Ozzy Osbourne",
"thumbnail": "image://http://assets.fanart.tv/fanart/music/8aa5b65a-5b3c-4029-92bf-47a544356934/artistthumb/osbourne-ozzy-4fd0a787e0707.jpg/"
"artist": "ZZ Ward",
"artistid": 1596,
"fanart": "",
"label": "ZZ Ward",
"thumbnail": "image://D:\\Music\\ZZ Ward\\folder.jpg/"


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