[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2014-01-07, 05:38)MilhouseVH Wrote: What it's doing is removing any cached artwork that is not part of your media library. Pictures/photos are not represented in the media library (they're not scanned or scraped into the library as songs, tvshows and movies are) so any associated cached artwork (such as the above "thumb" - or preview - version of your camera photo) will be removed from the cache by "pruning" (P).

I hasten to add the script will never modify or remove your original images, it will only be removing the cached versions and these are typically created in order to preview a photo when browsing through the file system.

I'm not sure if their removal is what you intended, but I got the impression you wanted to get rid of photos (from the cache).

I have only a 10GB partition for my xbmc installation and it was full (no warning by xbmc whatsoever except slowness Sad). Around 7GB was consumed by Thumbnails (over 1+ yrs I think). I intended to definitely remove unnecessary thumbnails but not the thumbnails of my "Pictures". Anyway, it's not a big problem since it gets regenerated locally when I visit the folder again even without any network.

Quote:I've never really looked into how pictures are handled by xbmc, but as far as I can see only the smaller thumbnail previews are being cached and the original artwork is always displayed directly, not via the cache. If caching of the original picture artwork is possible (and beneficial) then this could be supported in a similar way to extrafanart/extrathumbs. At least then the previews wouldn't be cleared out when pruning as they would be matched against the original artwork.

Edit: The contents of directories not within a media source cannot be viewed using JSON so scanning an arbitrary directory of photos so that they might be pre-cached is sadly not possible. If you want to keep your photo previews, I would suggest adding the following entry to texturecache.cfg:
prune.retain.types = <some path>/.*

where <some path> is your photo path (doesn't have to be the whole path, just enough to be unlike any other non-picture path, eg. "/mnt/mypictures/.*").

Edit2: OK arbitrary photo directories are out, but if the folder is within your Pictures source then it can be scanned... and cached.

Note: I recently uploaded v1.2.8 of the script as these photo urls should be being decoded - now they are (you should automatically be updated to the latest version).

A little confused by all this. I downloaded your script yesterday. What do you recommend for future runs? Do I need to set some options to not delete the thumbnails of my Pictures folders. After the P command, I ran texturecache.py R and got this:
Found 13,199 orphaned files for 1,326 database files.

This is far too many orphaned files for this number of
database files - more than 5% - and something may be wrong.
I guess P command just cleaned the database rows and now the R command would remove the actual thumbnail file referenced in these deleted rows. Can you confirm?

Also, the actual scanning & caching is done by xbmc when I view the pictures. I'm confused by "...then it can be scanned... and cached" and also your signature states "Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance". Are these related? Does this utility improve xbmc performance by doing something more at every boot? Can you explain?

Thanks a lot for your detailed response!

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