[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility

I am wondering if someone can tell me if texturecache can do what I need..

Here is my problem.. I have all my media on my NAS box accessible via SMB. Several XBMC clients running latest gotham release with mysql database.
I was reorganizing my media and deleted a whole wack of poster files.. I figured I would get those back when doing and export, but something went wrong Sad

Now I have a lot of movies that list the poster file in the nfo file, but there is no actual file. when I rescan my movies back into xbmc, I get a lot of movies with no poster now. I don't want to delete the nfo files, as there have been a lot of edits and it would be a shame to loose them.. I can't really edit these by hand or scan the poster manually via XBMC, as I have several thousand movies and that would take forever Sad

So.. can texturecache delete the entries for the missing poster files out of the mysql database and then I could export again and scan them back into xbmc? it should then see that there is no poster file or entry and download the missing file..

Any help would be appreciated!
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