[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Great, that makes sense. Thanks Milhouse. (pity your script can't call universal artist scraper to do the work for empty artists Smile )

(2014-08-04, 21:39)Milhouse Wrote:
(2014-08-04, 21:07)puntloos Wrote: Can you be a bit more specific? The tags are good as far as I know, very clean, many fields filled. How do I check if/when/how the scraper failed?

[edit]Or even more specifically: Im pretty much positive the files are tagged very properly, so why is The Cure data not fetched? It's a very very popular band so certainly the art will be available[/edit]

I think you may be confused about the purpose of texturecache.py.

texturecache.py will pre-load your texture cache using the artwork urls that are present in your media library (it will also allow you to view the contents of your media library, which is handy for diagnosing problems).

It is the job of a scraper (eg. Universal Album Scraper, Universal Artist Scraper, maybe others) to create the relevant music metadata (ie. song, album and artists entries) in your media library and to also assign appropriate artwork urls.

In your case, although the artists have been created, the scraper has failed to find any artwork (local or remote) so the fanart and thumbnail urls are empty for some of your artists. As such, this script - texturecache.py - has no artwork with which to pre-load the texture cache for these artists. It can't pre-load what it doesn't have, and it's not the job of this script to find that missing information (texturecache.py is not a scraper).

What you need to do is ask in the relevant scraper support thread why the scraper is not finding artwork for your artists.
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