[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2014-09-17, 17:17)Milhouse Wrote:
(2014-09-17, 15:02)raspberry_pd Wrote: Do you know a way to force XBMC to download the latest artwork from TVDB? I have a few cases where my main view - Posters in the Amber skin, horizontally squishes baners into posters when there is a legitimate poster available on the TVDB.

I'm not entirely sure what the problem is.

If your media library has banner artwork in place of posters then there's not much texturecache.py can do to fix that - whatever metadata scraper you used to scrape your library has done a poor job and you'll need to fix your media library before you will be able to cache the correct artwork.

If your media library contains references to the correct artwork (posters) then its difficult to understand how this could be cached incorrectly (as banners).

You can view the artwork for a tvshow with

./texturecache.py jd tvshows <showname>

and see what banners or posters are in use.

Thanks, very handy to have the code's author available to wade through the mountain of power script flags Smile

I'm just using the default XBMC TVDB scraper. I understand your point for sure. I was kind of hoping to short circuit the problem with texturecache because there appears no other way to fix my media library.

It's strange. Here's an example:

[email protected]aspbmc:~$ ./texturecache.py jd tvshows 'Kim Philby'
    "art": {
      "banner": "image://http://thetvdb.com/banners/graphical/280304-g.jpg/",
      "fanart": "image://http://thetvdb.com/banners/fanart/original/280304-2.jpg/"
    "file": "smb://<...>K/Kim.Philby-.His.Most.Intimate.Betrayal/",
    "label": "Kim Philby: His Most Intimate Betrayal",

So the problem here seems to be that the scraper has not downloaded a poster, just fanart and this banner:


and the skin (Amber) has chosen to use the banner - squished horizontally - instead of showing an empty spot.

However, a poster clearly exists:


The poster may not have existed when I first added that show to my library but it does now and a "Refresh" on this show alone does not download the poster. Very strange.

(2014-09-17, 17:17)Milhouse Wrote: More likely though it's a skin problem of some sort, with banners being displayed with the incorrect aspect ratio. Or you are missing posters from your media library so banners are used instead - you'll need to use something like the Artwork Downloader addon to try and fill in any missing artwork. Or use local artwork and re-scrape.

Thanks for the tip. The frustrating part is I've just migrated to Raspbmc from using XBian for a long time. I managed to manually move across my library with watched/unwatched etc and moved the Thumbnails folder as well (if for no other reason than to try and reduce the load on thetvdb) but before I did that, whilst testing the initial Raspbmc install with fresh settings on a handful of my TV shows, it scraped much better. It pulled down more posters that have only been added to thetvdb recently.

I hope the problem is not due to me being stuck with all my watched statuses, and media library metadata, in an old XBMC database format. I loosely remember reading that the XBMC database schema changes often enough to be a ball ache (at least, when using an external MySQL db, which I'm not).

I'm very happy to tweak away at curating my library to present it as cleanly as possible, just need the skills/tools Smile Sounds like Artwork Downloader might be worth a shot, thanks again.

Speaking of local artwork, I'm interested in using your mklocal.py again though I remember the syntax was somewhat involved and I certainly don't remember it now, it's been a while Smile

(2014-09-17, 17:17)Milhouse Wrote:
(2014-09-17, 15:02)raspberry_pd Wrote: I've been using
Quote:./texturecache.py C
though it takes a while so has not finished running through yet

If you just want to re-cache the artwork just for tvshows:
./texturecache.py C tvshows

Thanks again for the tips. That should save a chunk of time.

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