[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2015-04-22, 23:13)Milhouse Wrote:
(2015-04-22, 18:34)cgrey Wrote: Quick question...

When using the qax option, along with the qa.nfo.refresh parameter -- is the CREATED or MODIFIED date of the NFO file used to determine if it is new?

My specific issue:
I have an NFO file created 4/1/15. I modified it yesterday, so now the created date is 4/1/15 and the last modified date is 4/21/15, When I run texturecache with qax and qa.nfo.refresh=1, it doesn't seem to be catching this modified NFO file (the changes I made to it don't end up making it to the database), but it definitely sees (and updates) NFO files that were created on 4/21/15 in this scenario.

If it matters (I assume it's looking at file system attributes for this), I'm running this on a Win7 box.


It's the lastmodified file attribute returned by Kodi when querying directory/file details in JSON, so should be the modification timestamp.

By default qa/qax will only consider movies and tvshows added to the library in the previous 30 days, so it may be ignoring your movie if it was added to your library more than 30 days ago. Add @qaperiod=9999 to effectively disable this check.

Hmm... Thanks for the info. I will double check by setting the qaperiod to 9999, but in this particular case, the move I've been testing with was added on 4/1/15 (21 days ago). Still, I'll wait for the results of another scan with that parameter set to be sure.

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