[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2015-04-28, 04:50)scott967 Wrote: I see that the "choose art" button can be used to add a new art type to video content. For example, you can use this to add the art type "discart" to music videos. It gets in the database as a "type" for a "media_type" in the video art table. So my question is, is it possible to iterate through all music videos in the database and see if art with art type "discart" is stored (url exists)?

I've just pushed a new version (v1.9.4) that has basic support for a "musicvideos" media class - pretty much untested, as I don't have any music videos with which to test.

You should be able to dump your musicivideos data with "texturecache.py jd musicvideos" and process the artwork types.

For example:
./texturecache.py jd musicvideos | grep \"image | awk -F\" '{ print $2 }' | sort -u
would list all the unique artwork types for musicvideos.

(2015-04-28, 04:50)scott967 Wrote: If not, if file name disc.png or cdart.png exists in the item folder, add it to the database?

Normally you would be able to assign an image for an artwork type using the "set" option - if the artwork type doesn't exist already, it will be created.

For example, to assign a new poster for musicvideo #1:
./texturecache.py set musicvideo 1 art.poster "nfs://"

However, this is currently crashing Kodi master - it could be because I don't have any musicvideos loaded in my library, maybe you can test it and confirm.

Backtrace of crash (lastest master):
Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
#0  0x003bf580 in std::vector<dbiplus::field_value, std::allocator<dbiplus::field_value> >::at(unsigned int) const ()
Thread 1 (LWP 620):
#0  0x003bf580 in std::vector<dbiplus::field_value, std::allocator<dbiplus::field_value> >::at(unsigned int) const ()
#1  0x003ae2c4 in CVideoDatabase::GetDetailsForMusicVideo(std::vector<dbiplus::field_value, std::allocator<dbiplus::field_value> > const*, bool) ()
#2  0x003ae548 in CVideoDatabase::GetDetailsForMusicVideo(std::unique_ptr<dbiplus::Dataset, std::default_delete<dbiplus::Dataset> >&, bool) ()
#3  0x003ae8fc in CVideoDatabase::GetMusicVideoInfo(std::string const&, CVideoInfoTag&, int) ()
#4  0x008cb250 in JSONRPC::CVideoLibrary::SetMusicVideoDetails(std::string const&, JSONRPC::ITransportLayer*, JSONRPC::IClient*, CVariant const&, CVariant&) ()
#5  0x008a56f8 in JSONRPC::CJSONRPC::HandleMethodCall(CVariant const&, CVariant&, JSONRPC::ITransportLayer*, JSONRPC::IClient*) ()
#6  0x008a5974 in JSONRPC::CJSONRPC::MethodCall(std::string const&, JSONRPC::ITransportLayer*, JSONRPC::IClient*) ()
#7  0x007be268 in JSONRPC::CTCPServer::CTCPClient::PushBuffer(JSONRPC::CTCPServer*, char const*, int) ()
#8  0x007bf1f0 in JSONRPC::CTCPServer::Process() ()
#9  0x00956a14 in CThread::Action() ()
#10 0x00957280 in CThread::staticThread(void*) ()
#11 0x76dcbd88 in ?? () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
Backtrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)
Full crashlog: http://sprunge.us/gPZc
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.

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