[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility

Thanks for making this excellent tool.

I have two OpenELEC machines, a PC player/server which stores the media and a Raspberry Pi 2 player in another room.

I've exported the media library to separate files on the server, so everything has associated nfo and artwork files.

I've installed MySQL server on the PC and let Kodi create fresh MySQL video and music databases. I then added the media sources. My skin displays random movie/tv fanart on the home screen and this is working.

It appears that my chosen fanart and posters were correctly imported and cached. Kodi did not import the associated clearart, banner, discart, landscape and clearlogo image files (downloaded by Artwork Downloader), so I used texturecache.py with mklocal.py with the following command.

./texturecache.py jd movies | ./mklocal.py --readonly --local /storage/pool --prefix /storage/pool --artwork clearart banner discart landscape clearlogo --singlefolders --output | ./texturecache.py set

This worked great.

Now for the Pi2. I've configured it to access the MySQL db. The skin is not showing Random fanart, presumably because none of the artwork has been cached yet. I would like to cache the images that I already have on the server to the Pi2s local storage. Is it possible to use texturecache.py to accomplish this? When I run ./texturecache.py c it appears that it is downloading new artwork from the internet, but I'm not sure. How can I check?

If I run ./texturecache.py jd movies the artwork locations begin with "image:///storage/pool/movies", but there are 1300 movies so I can't verify that they are all like this.

Media files referenced in the db point to the local files e.g. /storage/pool/movies/Movie 1 (2015)/Movie 1 (2015).mkv

The Pi2 uses path substitution to translate this to the appropriate Samba path, like follows:
    <to>smb://user:[email protected]/</to>

Many thanks

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