[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Thanks for the help.

(2015-08-24, 22:30)Milhouse Wrote: What makes you think that? Artwork that can't be cached (because the artwork can't be accessed by Kodi) will be listed at the end, or enable the log which will have details of what is and what isn't being cached.
I assumed that "downloads per second" indicated that artwork was being downloaded from the internet, but I now realise that it can be from a local source.

(2015-08-24, 22:30)Milhouse Wrote: ...will report any "remote" (http, https) artwork.
All artwork is local.

(2015-08-24, 22:30)Milhouse Wrote: And there's your problem, most likely. You should have used an smb:// source when scanning the library which would have made the path substitution unnecessary. Check your kodi.log for errors, either when playing movies or caching/displaying artwork - chances are your path sub isn't working as you expect it to.
The path substitution was working fine for playing movies with no apparent errors, and the caching also appeared to be OK, but to be safe I have deleted the MySQL db and re-scanned the library with the smb:// source. As the PC is my main player and server, when playing movies on this now the 'smbd' process uses up to 1% of the CPU and skipping through the movie is a bit laggy compared to playing straight off /storage/pool. But I'd rather have it set up like this if it's the correct way to do it.

(2015-08-24, 22:30)Milhouse Wrote: By the way, you can also get rid of the [email protected]Pass if you add your username and password to passwords.xml.
Done. Thanks.

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