[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2015-09-04, 14:57)Milhouse Wrote:
(2015-09-04, 13:50)denywinarto Wrote: all clients will use pxe boot and thus the thumbnails should not need synchronizing

Why won't they need synchronizing? Each client should still be using their own independent Textures13.db and Thumbnails folders - if you're thinking of sharing a single Thumbnails folder between all your clients then don't, as that doesn't work.

(2015-09-04, 13:50)denywinarto Wrote: will this script or mklocal.py help improve the speed for my case?

As each of your clients should still be using their own texture cache, pre-loading the texture cache is still a good idea and will improve GUI performance by avoiding the delays that result when artwork needs to be cached.

mklocal.py is useful for converting remote artwork to local artwork and only needs to be run against one client if you are sharing the library (I assume you mean MySQL, and not sharing the SQLite databases, which would be a bad idea).

Amongst other things, the use of local artwork will result in less delays when artwork needs to be cached. Once you have converted remote artwork to local artwork, update the texture caches of all clients so that the new local artwork is cached.

Thanks for the quick reply Milhouse,
I haven't tested ccboot with Kodi,
But i have tested it for an online game called pointblank,,
The game itself is being updated weekly online from its own server, the game size is 5GB, roughly the same with my thumbnails
And i have 25 clients running them simultaneously without any lags or issues

I'd imagine Kodi won't be too different with this game?
Kodi needs to be updated periodically as well
I think pre-loading the texture cache will still beneficial for my case...
But for mklocal.py i don't think i can use it since i don't use MySQL,

PXE booting, If i'm not mistaken it creates pre-environment (OS) on the network card
And CCBoot creates cache for each client,
So if i understand this correctly each client has its own thumbnail stored in the Diskless server.

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