[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2015-09-05, 05:38)Milhouse Wrote:
(2015-09-05, 03:58)denywinarto Wrote: It gets deleted after reaching the limit size,
Not sure about the deleting algorithm, i think it's depends on diskless program,
but it seems to be stable enough to run 500GBs of games on 25 clients without any issues,,

Then it sounds like it's somewhat persistent, so running texturecache.py against the client when required would work.

(2015-09-05, 03:58)denywinarto Wrote: I guess for my case it's the same with local usage
So then i would have to run it via .bat script everytime kodi starts?

Not sure what you are referring to by "it".

mklocal.py and texturecache.py would normally be run whenever you have loaded new media and associated artwork. You won't need to run either if the artwork hasn't changed on the client from a previous run of Kodi.

You wouldn't want to run these scripts in a .bat at Kodi start-up because they're not quick - in a MySQL environment you'd normally run mklocal.py on your scraper "master" after scraping new media, and then update the texture cache of each "slave" client in turn (waking the client if necessary using WOL etc.).

If each of your clients has independent SQLite databases (MyVideosXX, MyMusicXX, Textures13 etc.) then I'm not sure how you intend to scrape new stuff - scrape 25 times? However once all your artwork is local you shouldn't need to run mklocal.py a second time, unless you want it to load non-standard artwork which it can also do for you. Although if all your clients are meant to be identical then you should be able to apply the output from the first mklocal.py run against all your other clients. To be honest with 25 clients I don't know why you're not considering MySQL.

I suggest you try using the scripts and then you'll probably understand better when and why you need to run them.

Sorry, was referring to texturecache.py... So this script is strictly for MySQL usage only?

I wont need to scrape 25 times,
I just need to scrape once in the diskless server,
then after client restarts (to reload the image) they will have the same exact library.
It's been working that way for online games that has similar method of updating files,
so i'm sure it will work for Kodi as well

That's why for my case i think it's the same as local usage,
I just need to make the thumbnails load faster in the diskless server..
From your post i assume i have to run it everytime i update the library?

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